Horse Drawn Sleighs, sloop sleighs, bob sleighs, bench sleighs.
Horse Drawn Sleighs


                   Amsey Hoover


      5401 William Hastings Line RR#1 


          Millbank Ontario NOK 1LO


              Phone (519)698-2698


                Cell (519)503-6347








 We are a manufacturing facility located in central rural Ontario.


 Due to continued demand for horse drawn sleighs and hitches


 throughout Canada and sparse availability this site was built.


 We can ship anywhere within Canada or can be picked up if


 desired. We have shipped to the USA too.

Feel free to email for shipping quote and


consider ordering more then one sleigh,


we can get a good quote per sleigh


by shipping multiple sleighs on one pallet.


For a shipping quote email your postal


code and your province.  

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