Horse Drawn Sleighs, sloop sleighs, bob sleighs, bench sleighs.
Horse Drawn Sleighs

         All new sloop sleigh


Bent oak runners with hardened


             shoeing steel.


White ash bolsters and tongue


All work and milling done on site


 1 or 2 horse sleighs


 For pleasure or breaking




We have 2 standard sizes of these


sleighs, one has 2'' runners 36''


apart. The big one has 2 1/2''


runners 48'' apart. We also sell


decks for sleighs. We take


custom orders too, about 25% of


our sleigh orders are custom



Repairs to all bob sleighs and sloop sleighs














Miniature sleigh with 3' x 5' deck.


 Runners are 27'' long  and 32'' apart, the deck is  3' x 5' ,
The pole is 6' - 4'' in total, from dbl tree pin to where neck yoke rests on
is 56''. Neck yoke is 20'' long and highth from the ground to the deck is




Pony sleigh 4' x 7' deck






We sell tongues 12', 14' ,16'


and all sleigh parts.



One horse sleigh suitable for a small


horse or a large pony.









Heavy Horse Sleigh


Light Horse Sleigh





Sleigh for Lighter horses



Deck size is 4' x 9'



Shafts available.



Runners are 2'' wide x 48'' long



Sleigh weight is 280 LB



Add $250 for a deck 



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